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Since green politics emerged as an ideology, it has been defined by a few key green principles. The German Greens drafted the earliest statement of this kind, called the Four Pillars of the Green Party. The Four Pillars have been repeated by many green parties worldwide as a foundational statement of the green ideology:

* Ecological wisdom
* Social justice
* Grassroots democracy
* Nonviolence

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The Nomad cafe in Oakland stands out in my mind the way the health food co-op in Olympia does. Nomad has a compost bin right below the counter on the customer side (surely there is one on the other side too). They offer a lot to the community but I’ll let you read about that on the Nomad site.

Green Business Practices

To boot, the building is built using green building practices.

Two articles break it down:

How to Start a Green Cafe

Nomad Cafe: How to Start a Green Cafe

The Nomad hosts all kinds of events: here’s one from 2005 by Martijn Mollet. Look for Oakland.

You’ll have to figure this one out for yourself:

Carrot Mob

Emily’s Blog

Urban Planning is crucial to ensure that a city is sustainable, has a transportation system that works (very few traffic jams), is safe, has affordable housing and other considerations. Planning can make a big difference to a city. Vancouver’s planners have incorporated a seawall around much of the downtown core of the city and opposite banks. The result is a vibrant, walking, biking, running city full of healthy people.
Vancouver’s Seawalls

Urban Planning Map (see wiki for details)




Kabul City Map

Kabul City Map



Canary Wharf Tube Station, London

Canary Wharf Tube Station, London

Very densely built-up areas require high capacity urban transit, and urban planners must consider these factors in long term plans.

Careers in Planning

I work in the computer industry. That is, I work on a computer. I know how polluting it is and so I am passing on this post so more and more people have ideas about how to recycle this stuff. I also have heard that people in China sort out the metals of these things, by hand. I think it should be responsibility of the producer to produce something that can be recycled and easily fixed , as Earnest Callenbach states in his book Ecotopia, and also the responsibiltiy of the consumer to take the steps set out for these machines to get recycled. Here are some ideas about what to do:

The Green Way to Dump Electronic Junk

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