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Especially in the case of being vegetarian, manure is hard to come by, if you don’t have animals to work with. In the case of Permanent Agriculture, where we want to give back more than we are taking, building a reserve of abundance to have and to share, we can choose to be the animals and compost out own ‘waste’ preserve not only water but all of the valuable resources that were previously heading down our toilets to be dealt with in an overflowing chemical system of fear of our own bodies. Psychology might call this self rejection. At any rate my soul is ecstatic that this cycle is finally finding a way to close. Let the A-Bun-Dance begin!

Humanure in Haiti

Humanure Handbook


The Nomad cafe in Oakland stands out in my mind the way the health food co-op in Olympia does. Nomad has a compost bin right below the counter on the customer side (surely there is one on the other side too). They offer a lot to the community but I’ll let you read about that on the Nomad site.

Green Business Practices

To boot, the building is built using green building practices.

Two articles break it down:

How to Start a Green Cafe

Nomad Cafe: How to Start a Green Cafe

The Nomad hosts all kinds of events: here’s one from 2005 by Martijn Mollet. Look for Oakland.

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