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Mondragon is a worker cooperative in the Basque region of Spain. MONDRAGON, is a business group made of 264 companies and entities organized in three sectoral areas: Financial, Industrial and Distribution, together with the Research and Training sectors.

Corporate Management Model, Basic Cooperative Principals

“The present, however splendid it may be, bears the seeds of its own ruin if it becomes separated from the future”.

José María Arizmendiarrieta
(Ideologist and driving force behind the Mondragón Co-operative Experience)



The Nomad cafe in Oakland stands out in my mind the way the health food co-op in Olympia does. Nomad has a compost bin right below the counter on the customer side (surely there is one on the other side too). They offer a lot to the community but I’ll let you read about that on the Nomad site.

Green Business Practices

To boot, the building is built using green building practices.

Two articles break it down:

How to Start a Green Cafe

Nomad Cafe: How to Start a Green Cafe

The Nomad hosts all kinds of events: here’s one from 2005 by Martijn Mollet. Look for Oakland.

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