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Since green politics emerged as an ideology, it has been defined by a few key green principles. The German Greens drafted the earliest statement of this kind, called the Four Pillars of the Green Party. The Four Pillars have been repeated by many green parties worldwide as a foundational statement of the green ideology:

* Ecological wisdom
* Social justice
* Grassroots democracy
* Nonviolence

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Vertical Farm

Urben Integrated Farming and the Buckminster Fuller Institute Challenge

From Eco-cities to Living Machines

From Eco-cities to Living Machines

In this book John Todd talks about Vertical Farms, about growing mushrooms and having rooftop gardens, about farming in warehouses in the city.

John Todd’s website is Todd Ecological. He and Nancy Todd have been working with Bucky Fuller’s ideas at a Ocean Arks International, which used to be called New Alchemy.

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