Canada and Washington State Cooperate on Salmon Conservation

Funds to help salmon in Washington.

TWU teams with Langley community to restore Salmon River

Chilliwack River Action Committee

New Consumer Pesticide Warnings Will Protect Salmon

How Cities and Counties Can Protect Salmon

How Retailers Can Protect Salmon

Fishermen and Conservationists Move To Permanently Protect Salmon

Efforts to Protect Salmon Continue: Chelan County PUD: News Release 14 January, 2008

Lawsuit Filed To Protect Salmon Still at Risk from Pesticides

Federal Agencies to Propose Expanding Gulf of Maine Atlantic Salmon Population Protected by Endangered Species Listing: September 2, 2008

Merrimack Village Dam Removal: Dam Cam: Watch the removal live

NOAA’s Fisheries Service Protects Bering Sea Habitat: NOAA’s Fisheries Service has prohibited the use of bottom trawl gear in 130,000 square
nautical miles of the Bering Sea, an area where the gear has not been used previously, to
protect the sea bottom habitat.

Can this Protect Salmon?

Oregon State Research to Protect Salmon in Jeopardy (NEWPORT, Ore.) – Commercial fishermen and scientists from Oregon, California and Washington have agreed to collaborate on a critical coast-wide study to learn more about salmon distribution, migration and behavior in the Pacific Ocean, but an alarming projected shortage of fish this year is putting their research in jeopardy.

Improving the Forests and Fish Report to Protect Salmon Our goal is to ensure that the proposed Forests and Fish Habitat Conservation Plan is based on the best available science and sound government decision making.